Environmentally friendly bags for your customers?

The consumer is rightly becoming increasingly critical about plastic packaging for single use. Take control as a retailer and offer your customers more sustainable alternatives. In addition, strengthen your brand image by offering your customer a pertinent added value with our products. And on top of that, with our flanking products, earn some extra money. Who will refuse such an offer?

Actually sustainable

Paper and cotton bags are currently being proposed as a “natural” alternative to plastic produce bags. But if you look a bit further, then the picture does absolutely not look sustainable. With our bags of compostable plastic, on the other hand, you have a truly sustainable alternative that supports your brand image with your customer.

Pertinent added value

Plastic produce bags have little value today; they are only used for 20-30 minutes and are then destroyed. In our bags, fruit and vegetables keep fresh noticeably longer in the fridge. And they can also be reused to collect food scraps in the kitchen. You’ll offer your customer a pertinent added value, which he or she will appreciate.

Earn money

Fruit & vegetable bags are a cost for the retailer today. This cost remains considerable, also with the alternatives offered. However, you can earn back this cost by the nice margins you can make on our flanking products.

No risk: Retail Starter Pack

We have developed a complete starter package, with on the one hand our unique compostable produce bags and on the other hand flanking products on which you can make nice margins as a retailer. There is also a simple ordering application online ready to get the necessary goods delivered quickly.

Our offer

As a retailer, you can find truly sustainable alternatives to plastic packaging such as produce bags or check-out bags with The Compost Bag Company. Moreover, we have a number of products available that you can offer for sale and on which you can make beautiful margins, such as the VentiMax® vented kitchen pail, compostable CompostBag® waste bags, Cling4Nature™ cling film and durable DogsDoo™ dog poo bags …

Are you a retailer or responsible for the packaging of food products on behalf of a retailer? Please contact us for our sustainable alternatives to the current plastic packaging.

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