The Compost Bag Company provides compostable bags and films, made from (partly) renewable materials and markets them all over the UK. It is part of a group of companies that spans Europe and owns extensive and flexible production machinery, and is therefore able to offer many different product types.

The Compost Bag Company strives to offer the general public products, which are more sustainable than the available alternatives, both in terms of their origin, production and disposal. Within this framework, the company develops concepts around different application areas, which increasingly focus on maximum convenience and hygiene.

We fully appreciate what it takes to be a critical supplier in a large scale operational process. Since 2001, we have been seen to excel where consistent high quality, on-time delivery (or better), full contingency, and a high degree of flexibility are prerequisites.

Full contingency is maintained in every stage of fulfilment, and every part of our organisation is focussed on the customer and supplying the products they need. Our research and development ensures that our products and our innovations are ideal for our customers and for the entire life cycle beyond them.

Proven capability

  • Highly experienced, supplying the UK market since 2001.

Our capability begins with our people. The UK team collectively have over 40 years of experience in all aspects of the manufacture, use, collection and treatment of compostable products. We never stop adding to or sharing our experience with customers and with our colleagues, technicians and experts right across the Compost Bag Company organisation.

  • European manufacturing facilities

The Compost Bag Company only uses European manufacturing sites with most production for the UK coming from the facility near Leuven, Belgium (it being the closest) but with other sites available for contingencies. Each factory has multiple production lines producing bags and films with every common design feature and some unique innovations.

  • Multi-national organisation, full support and backup

Technical and scientific support is given by the production facilities and by Novamont, the market leading polymer manufacturers, with whom we maintain a particularly close relationship, including formal agreements on production guarantees. Novamont supply all the polymers we use for CompostBag(r) products. They are the market leaders in this field with a patent portfolio of 90 patent families and 800 internationally registered patents.

Quality systems

All our production facilities operate with ISO9001 and ISO14001 audited and certified procedures. With all manufacturing within EU Member States, you can be certain that our products have been made in facilities which meet all European Community standards and regulations on safety, employment and the environment.

We seek and establish similar levels of performance, business ethics and communication in all our suppliers, including our hauliers.