for Warwickshire residents

Compostable liner bags for Warwickshire caddies

at discounted prices as well as a range of other related products.

These 400x470mm ’10 litre’ caddy liners are plant-based BSEN13432 certified Compostable, ideal for all food waste recycling as they biodegrade very quickly leaving no microplastic legacy. We manufacture them in Belgium using 100% renewable power (coastal wind and solar energy) and 100% production water recycling and are gauranteed to have no genetically modified DNA from the cornstarch used.

All food waste can be composted in kerbside green wheelie bins in Warwickshire. Including meat bones, bread, plate scrapings, …
More information? Click here to visit the official Warwickshire County Council website.



10L – 30L – 50L – 240L





Compostable Dog Poo Bags in Pouch

Remember that these bags are compostable. Only buy what you might use in a year – most families choose 100 to 150 bags.

Keep them in a cool dry place.

We always welcome bulk purchase enquiries (eg shops, startups) – please contact us.

All prices include 2nd class postage (within the scheme area) & packaging (a recycled polythene pouch)

Usually they will be with you in 4 to 6 days.