The DogsDoo™ dog waste bags are bio-degradable and made of natural, renewable materials.

You would not want to know how much dog waste is ‘produced’ on a daily basis. It is important that dog owners clean up this mess immediately. Not only because it is unsightly, all those piles, and it is extremely inconvenient if you step in them. But also and especially for the sake of public health. Many dogs carry the dog waste worm (toxocara canis) in their intestines, a parasite that can be dangerous for humans, especially for small children and the elderly. You just don’t want to be at the root of serious illness!

Therefore, always carry dog waste bags with you when you walk your dog. And if you are interested in sustainability, choose the ones that are made from natural, renewable materials, like the DogsDoo bags. By the way, they are made here in Europe and not in China. That also saves a lot of CO2 emissions.

The DogsDoo bags are certified fully compostable unlike many others that claim “biodegradable”. Those are “oxo-biodegradable”, where heavy metals are mixed into ordinary plastic to make it disintegrate into powder. But that is not biodegradation! The powder remains plain plastic and thus pollutes our soil. Not to mention the heavy metals.

Because of the danger of spreading the dog waste worm, it is not recommended to throw dog waste into the home composting system. For the same reason, do not throw dog waste into nature either.

  • 100% compostable and renewable

  • Made from vegetable, renewable materials (such as starch & vegetable oils)
  • Small size, handy to carry along

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