Born from passion for innovation and sustainability

In 2001 Harold Naylor and Christopher Marsden, two life-long friends formed the company now known as The Compost Bag Company Ltd to promote and sell the then brand new compostable packaging products. They saw big opportunities for compostable and plant-based products as sustainable alternatives to traditional plastic.

Together with their production partners, they started a process of continuous product innovation with a focus on environmental benefits and ease of use. Listening to users, working with the waste industry and with the composting industry ensured ideal products for users, for crews and for compost. Flexibility and high product quality, with most of all dependability, rewarded the company with an unparalleled reputation.

Local authorities quickly adopted compostable bags for source separated collection of organic household waste (predominantly food scraps but also garden waste). Today, the company is one of the leading suppliers of compostable products in the UK. Recently, other sectors of industry, like retail and packaging, as well as janitorial services, are also showing interest in compostable products, made from natural renewable resources.

Throughout the years, our company developed a close business relationship with The Compost Bag Company NV of Herent (Belgium) who manufacture our compostable products. In 2017 we became sister companies when their holding company became our majority shareholder. With our ties growing ever closer, strong identification with our sister company’s core values, vision and mission, and branded products lead to changing our name to The Compost Bag Company Ltd in 2019.

Today, 5 people work at The Compost Bag Company Ltd depot in Leyland, Lancashire. In 2021, we will celebrate our 20th anniversary.