Compostable liner bags for kitchen caddies, containers and wheeled bins, to keep them hygienic. Made with renewable, plant based raw materials they go back to nature with no micro-plastic legacy.

Use CompostBags® to line your containers, making it easier and more hygienic to recycle scraps back into compost for mother nature to re-use. The smaller sizes are strong enough to carry by hand even when very full. Keep the larger liners inside the container – tie it up before the bin is emptied and the whole lot slides out leaving nothing behind. If you need to lift and carry larger bags please ask us about sacks, which are stronger than liners.

CompostBags® are made with renewable, natural materials. They are not just biodegradable – they are Compostable, as certified by BSEN13432 for industrial composting facilities. Smaller bags are also certified Home compostable. We manufacture with renewable (wind and solar) energy, recycle all our production water and the cornstarch raw materials are guaranteed not to have any genetically modified DNA.

  • Less bin cleaning

  • Less odour

  • Less mold

  • Less insects

Your Container Ideal Dimensions
5 litre kitchen caddies 5 litre liners
36cm x 36cm
7 litre kitchen caddies 7 to 10 litre liners
39cm x 37cm or larger
23 to 30 litre outdoor containers Our ’30 litre’ is a great fit
56cm x 70cm
Wheeled Bins
140 litre
240 litre (the UK standard)

87cm x 132cm

113cm x 139cm
Pedal bins, swing bins etc 35L, 50L, 80L & 90L (bin bag size)
also Garden sacks, Dog bags etc The most popular sizes are below:

Are you a waste professional?

We have an even bigger range available for bulk buyers and we make bags or films for bespoke applications. Please contact us.