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The government asks us to source separate more and more waste fractions and to offer them for collection and processing separately: paper & cardboard, glass, plastic bottles and trays, tin cans … and organic waste. Food scraps is by far potentially the most dirty fraction we have in our house. It quickly starts to rot, and that also causes other problems with unpleasant smells, mould growth and attraction of insects and other vermin. Many people find it difficult to source separate food scraps in a hygienic way. They dislike it and, in some cases, they even cease their participation in these source separate collection schemes. They prefer to put everything with the residual waste, even if that means an additional cost.

But that does not necessarily have to be the case!

Because of the material used and the very specific production method, especially the smaller bags, which The Compost Bag Company offers, have a special ‘breathing’ effect. The film, from which the bags are made, has a membrane effect: under certain conditions the film allows water vapour (no water drops!) to pass through.

Organic waste consists largely of water and when you cut, break, bruise, crush … that waste, that water is released, especially in the form of water vapour. If this happens in a closed container, such as a traditional plastic bag or a closed kitchen pail, the water vapour will quickly condense. Drops of water run down, and mix with the food scraps. That creates the ideal conditions for starting the rotting process. Rotting waste gives off bad smells, grows mould and attracts insects.

The membrane effect of the CompostBag® bags allows water vapour to pass from the saturated atmosphere inside the bag to the relatively ‘drier’ air outside. If the ‘breathing’ bag is used in a maximally ventilated pail, such as the VentiMax®, the water vapour coming out the outer surface of the bag can constantly evaporate into the ambient air. That way, you will get a ‘pump’, which will constantly evacuate moisture out of the bag.
In this way the food scraps inside will dry out slightly, just enough to prevent the rotting process from starting. This leads in turn to noticeably less unpleasant smells, noticeably less mould growth and noticeably less attraction of insects.

Just like the CompostBag® bags that, due to the material used and the unique production method, maximise the ‘breathing’ effect, the VentiMax® has been specially developed to allow the bag to come into contact with the ambient air over as large a surface area as possible. More than 70% of the VentiMax® wall is ‘air’. The VentiMax® – CompostBag® combination therefore has the most noticeable effect on the reduction of smells, fungi and insect attraction.

Do you want a final solution? Buy a VentiMax® and some CompostBag® bags. You can find them on our web shop and soon also in your supermarket. Ask here where you can buy them in your neighbourhood.

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