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Today, the current plastic produce bags are mainly seen as a cost. They are given away for free, usually have a short useful life and cannot be reused afterwards. As a result, little value is attached to it. Moreover, they are firmly attacked as a stubborn source of plastic contamination, e.g. in the organic waste.

But it can be different. You can give a lot of extra value to your customer with compostable bioplastic bags. This creates a positive brand image for your store. After all, you think along with your customers. You share their concerns. But at the same time, you offer them additional functionality, which they will certainly appreciate.

Take for example the fact that our compostable produce bags can easily be reused as a source separated collection bag for food scraps in the kitchen. Once full, they can be fed into the organic waste collection bin or home composting without any problems. They will quickly decompose with organic waste into compost. What’s more, something is done about the pollution of the organic waste. At the same time, you give your customer the opportunity to save heavily on his waste invoice. He or she then spends that saved money with you in the store.

Or take the ‘breathing’ effect of CompostBag® bags. The film shows a membrane effect, as a result of which moisture inside the bag is led away to the outside of the bag. This, among other things, results in a noticeable extension of the storage period for fresh fruit and vegetables in the refrigerator. Fresh lettuce in a CompostBag® bag stays crisp for many days longer. Fresh carrots turn noticeably less quickly black by mold than in a traditional plastic bag. This way you give your customer the opportunity to do something about food waste.

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