Generate extra revenue with fresh produce bags??

Imagine being able to create new business thanks to your compostable produce bags. Imagine that this will offer more comfort and kitchen hygiene to your customer, that you contribute to the decrease in plastic waste, and that you create a more sustainable image for your business at the same time.

Plastic produce bags may be a convenient way of packaging fruit and vegetables for you customer, but today they are rather a cost for your business. Their useful lifecycle consists of approximately 20-30 minutes. Once the customer comes home, these bags are torn open and often end up in the organic waste : 14 % of the contamination consists of exactly these type of bags!

Paper may seem like a more ecological choice, but is not. It is also not very practical : it is not transparent at the cash register, the logistic handling is more complex, and it is not resistant to humidity.

Reusable cotton bags are equally unpractical nor environmentally friendly: 25 % of the worldwide use of pesticides are used in the cultivation of cotton.
Compostable bags are transparent, resistant to humidity and have a positive impact on the environment. You just can’t say no to so much extra and positive publicity!

How? A total solution of compostable produce bags for distribution

Compostable Produce bags

Everything starts with our compostable produce bags (PB). They look like traditional plastic bags and offer even more convenience: they are equally transparent and resistant to humidity, but furthermore they are compostable and thus can be thrown into the organic waste. Because they are manufactured from renewable raw materials, they can find their way back to nature through composting. As compost, they enhance the soil and generate healthier plants. New bags are then made from other plant sources through bio refining. Talking about circular economy!


The VentiMax is a ventilated kitchen caddy. Together with the compostable bags, it is a very hygienic way of collecting fresh produce waste in the kitchen: by reusing your compostable produce bag in the Ventimax, the contents will slowly dehydrate. The advantage? Notable less bad odors and mold. And notably less fruit flies.
The bag nearly full? No problem, the composable produce bag can be thrown into the compostable waste entirely!

Ventimax Refill Roll

Does your customer need more bags for the Ventimax? With the VentiMax Refill Roll the customer can carry on…

Promote the circular solution

This compostable bag is made out of plant material. You can use it to collect fresh produce waste and and drop it in the compostable waste collector, by doing this, you create new compost for nature! Is there even a better circular model? Tell your customers!

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