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Today, produce bags are mainly considered a cost. They are usually given away for free. With the current plastic bags the cost is moderate. But, all more sustainable alternatives such as paper, cotton or compostable bioplastic, present an additional cost, which can be serious.

The Compost Bag Company is aware of the fact that such additional costs must be earned back somewhere and has therefore put together a range of flanking products, which you as a retailer can offer for sale to your customers with a nice margin. With the money earned, you can compensate (part of) the extra cost of produce bags.

  1. VentiMax®

Produce bags from compostable bioplastic can be reused as a source separated collection bag for organic waste and food scraps in the kitchen. This is best done in a ventilated kitchen pail, such as VentiMax®. This container, specially developed for this application, allows maximum ventilation; more than 70% of the walls are ‘air’. This ventilation is of great importance because it causes the waste to dry out slightly inside, thus stopping the rotting process. This in turn leads to noticeably less bad smells, noticeably less mold formation and noticeably less attraction of insects.

The display (1/4 Euro pallet) with 30 VentiMax® is best placed near the fruit and vegetable area in your shop. We can also provide you with communication material with which you can make the link between the compostable produce bags and the VentiMax®

  1. CompostBag®

The Compost Bag Company has a range of compostable bags available for sale in your store. These are 20L pedal bin bags, but also liners for 120-140L and 240L waste containers. These bags enable a hygienic source separated collection of waste and do not cause pollution of organic waste, because they also decompose into compost.

Compostable bags are also available for VentiMax® (Refill Rolls ™ for Ventimax®).

  1. DogsDoo™

In most municipalities, a dog owner is required to have dog poo bags with him when he is walking his dog. DogsDoo® is a sustainable alternative to all common bags from traditional plastic. They are made from renewable materials based on plants and they are also compostable.

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